My husbands ex signed off on child support and told the court that he paid all his back child support , this was about 3 years ago . ( this is what his mother and my husband told me ) now she has got her self in to some bad debts and now is saying my husband owes her back child support of $6000.00 and wants us to pay her $50. A week until she gets back on her feet . I called the 800 number to see if he had anything on file, nothing, check his credit report ,nothing and he still gets his tax check every year . His son will be 18 in a week and don't want to live with her . We pick him up every weekend and most of the time take him back home . We buy him cloths and shoes when he needs them , give him money when he ask for it and buy his school supplies for her . Last week she said she needed money to buy food for the boy that she had no food in the house ( I have heard this a lot from this child ) seems they never have food in the house for him to eat . So we went out and bought $70.00 of food for the house and gave the child $20.00 for school lunch . Mind you she calls us up at one oclock in the morning ( or should I say she had the child call ) saying give me the money or I will take you back to court for child support. Me I told her go ahead that I know a great lawyer . But my husband don't like conflick so that is why we put food in the house . Now she had the child tell us this week she wants $50.00 . The child texted me this... hey my mom wants $50 from dad but I know away he don't have to give it to her. Because she just wants it because she has to pick me up. But if you guys take me home you don't have to give it to her and I will give her some money that I make from working . Mind you I am the one that pick him up and most of the time we take him home . She only lives 35 min. away.. now she is saying she wants the money to help pay the child's court fees . The fee is only $100.00 and she hasn't ever made a payment on them , I called them this morning , told them I will pay them next week . Help she is making a lot of stress between me and my husband :o