I recently moved from New York to South Carolina and am 9 months pregnant. The father and I are still very close but not together. I do not know if I should put his name on the birth certificate when the child is born. I do not plan on taking the father to court for child support and do not wish to take away any of his rights as a father. However, I am not familiar with South Carolina's policy on parent's rights. I would like to avoid all types of court and legal battles if at all possible. I would like to get married eventually, and when I do I would like to have my husband be able to adopt my child and for all of us to share the same last name. Is there a way to to this without having to have the father sign off his legal rights if his name is on the birth certificate? He already seemed opposed to the idea of another man adopting his child and I do not believe that he will sign a paper for that to happen. What should I do? I do not want to offend the father or take away his rights as a father, but I do want my child to be able to be adopted by my future husband should I get married. Please Help.