Hi I am furious! My little brother got an unfit mother pregnant. I would love to call CSB on her, but my parents are afraid she will not them see my nephew for fear more bad things will happen to him.still my brother no longer wants to date her she is dating a gang member and smokes weed, that one of there fears.here are some example:she takes nephew over the babysitter house with clothes a 5 year would wear,clothes do big he can't play because the are so big, he hs come over there many of times with mis match/dirty socks,her new boyfriend has dropped the kids off smelling like weed,My parents last year had to consistent take him to the emergency room,because they would pick him up,his nose would be running really bad and would be breathing out of his mouth vs his nose,my sister just found him yesterday playing on a neighbors porch with his 5 year old brother with no shirt or shoes on and a dirt diaper and mother was in the house with the door closed.its ridiculous,she clearly does not want the child,but she doesn't want us to have him.can someone please HELP us Out!my brother name is not on the birth certificate, but he is the father has done the paternity test,what legal rights does he have to get custudy.
Thank you