Let me start by saying, yes, I know I am an idiot. Now for the details: in September of 2011, I became involved with a man. I believed he had been incarcerated due to drugs and was out on probation for a drug conviction. Side he was passing all his drug tests and appeared to be reformed, I got engaged to him in January 2012. I became pregnant the end of February. In march, someone told me to do a search on him. He was convicted of oral rape of a minor, (16 years old) or 2nd degree sexual assault. The minor was the cousin of his ex wife. He was now required to register as a sex offender. I left him 3 weeks later. I gave birth in November. He was not present for the birth, nor has been in any contact with my daughter. He has, since the breakup, been arrested for assault in a female, (for hitting his mother, which she later dropped) and misdemeanor stolen vehicle which he is expected to be convicted of. He has a probation violation hearing in April for the arrests. He also lives with his brother now who is a convicted drug user who is currently on trial for running moonshine. My ex, although not convicted for drugs, was a well known meth user and was in possession of meth at the time of arrest for sexual assault. He has recently discovered where I work, (I switched jobs, homes, and phone numbers to get away from him) and is threatening to try to get joint custody of my daughter. Does he have a good chance of getting unsupervised visitation? As I said before, I am aware I am an idiot for being involved with him, it is why I left, but I don't want my daughter to suffer because of my choices. Thanks for your comments,