I would like to put my name on my son's birth certificate. I did not at the time of his birth due to a question in my mind of whether he was mine or not. He was born 6 months after his mother and I got together. I found out after the fact that he was born early due to her having diabetes. She swears to me that he is my biological child, and I believe her. She has said that I can put my name on his BC and I have told her that I will take care of all that needs to be done. I just don't know where to start. I am currently in North Carolina and they are in Phoenix, AZ. I am working on getting back to Phoenix but am having a bit of trouble doing that. I would like to try and see what I can do from here if I can, or if its better I will do it in Phoenix when I get back in a cpl weeks. The child's mother is currently engaged and I have found out that her fiancé is wanting to change my sons last name to his, once they get married next March. My son has my last name as of now. That's why I need to get my name on his BC as soon as possible. That way I have legal rights to see him. As of right now she is denying me any contact to see or speak to him. Any help that anyone can offer is much appreciated. If more info from me is needed please let me know and I will provide what ever I can.