Good Afternoon!!

I am new to the sight, and have read several Q/A, great info to read and get some ideas. I have a problem that I am just trying to find some answers to.

After 7 years, my ex husband has filed a motion to have our decree modified, to were he has sole custody of our daughter, and me supervised visitation. He is claiming that I am an unstable, and unfit parent.

During the past 7 years, I have had full custody of our daughter. During the first child custody hearing he was no were to be found, and didn't even go to parenting classes. Has been late on all child support payments, and has not held up his part of having insurance or medical expenses. But yet has filed with the court that I am an unfit parent... NOw I have to fight to prove other wise.

The allegations that he has given is that the child is an unstable and hostile environment. What has happened is that ex and his new wife has called on several occasions to my current husband making slanderous statements about me, with has caused mistrust, and arguments between the me and my husband. What can been done so that I don't lose my daughter to a parent that only cares about himself?

Please help