My boyfriend has been paying child support on child for 8 years then last summer he did a DNA test and was proven NOT the father. Childsupport has stopped taking money for now but said if she gets back on state assistance they will go back after him. Even though his NOT the father and never signed any papers. We didn't even know about the child till he was over 1 year old. They are telling us to get a lawyer and we can't afford one! The mother knows who the father is (or thinks she knows). They also told us if we can find the father and get him to step up they won't take anymore money. After all these years all the money he's paid we are lost and don't know what to do. Even after they found out he wasn't the dad the state took 8000 dollars of bail money and just took 187 of owed back support. Can we sue her for all this? Can we ask she pays legal fees? Please help!
Sicerly Confussed in Oregon