I was married to my ex-wife during that time we had two sons. Not long after our yongest son was born I went to prision during which time my ex wife became pregnant. When I got out of prision I filed for a divorce which she fought.( It took over three years for the divorce to come through). She had the baby and 10 months later had another child. Because we were legally married at the time, the little boy and little girl both took on my last name because we were legally married at the time. When it was time to go to court for the divorce I knew I would be paying child support for my two boys, but I never dreamed the court would make me pay for kids that were not mine. Turns out, the court stuck the other two kids on me also. They were able to keep my last name even after I demanded a DNA to prove they were not mine the court would not allow that and my ex-wife admitted to the judge the kids belonged to another man. Yet, She stated he was not able to take care of them. I have never seen or had a relationship these these kids. It was five years ago when the court order was made for me to take care of these other children. At the time I was not able to afford a lawyer, now I am able to. What I need to know is how can I go about having these kids taken off me and making the real father care for them? I plan to hire a lawyer. Can someone lend advice on my situation? Or direct me to some cites that I may find some kind of help. I live in the state of WV > Thank you!