I'm in a jam! I have to sue my x for child support! My son is several month old and he hasn't even met him! He left the day I went to give birth!
He is very well off and so I need a great attorney. Im afraid that because I don't have a lot of money, he may be able to out spend me with a better attorney hence, not paying what's righfully owed to my son.

I live in NYC and he lives across the country.. how can I screen one out and what questions should I ask so that I don't get haggle by an overpriced attorney!
this is a serious matter and if I don't choose the right attorney.. it may cost my son thousands of dollars (long term)

can anyone recommend a lawyer in NYC?

Does it matter how great the attorney is for this kind of situation? I ask because I know that NYC has a formula to assess the amount entitled to my son and so am I making it more complicated than it is in finding a lawyer?

If he has money in his business but its incorporated... will he be able to hide funds?