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    Feb 25, 2007, 01:03 PM
    No notification of any hearing
    I am in need of any information that you might have out there about the rights that we have pertaining to child support hearings.
    I have heard from my ex that a ruling was made against me, and have gone on the court website for public information in my name. I did conform that a judgment was made, but have NEVER received anything from the court, on a hearing or any judgment. This case is in the IOWA courts, more specifically Dubuque, IA.
    My ex's wife is keeping me from my son. They are telling the other children in the home to tell me that my son isn't there, and then hear him in the background saying that "yes I am".
    I have talked to a lawyer in IN, and I know that I can sue this girl for- attempting to alienate me from my child. But, that is all that he can tell me because he isn't sure the differences of the laws between the states.
    I have heard of a service call; Community Legal Network. I am somewhat skeptical on this, not sure how much a lawyer being paid on this type of basis would do...
    If anyone might have some info on this or any of the above questions, that would be greatly appreciated.
    I know that ultimately I will need to get a lawyer to solve this problem, but am just asking for any advise that you all might have.
    Thank you,
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    Feb 25, 2007, 01:52 PM
    First child support and visitation are not connected you can sue her in court for visitation rights and for being in contempt of the court order for visitation.

    Next if she told the court she did not know where you where, then they would merely post notice of the hearing for legal notice. Or if she gave your old address and so on.

    Lying is common in child custody cases, get used to it, you will have to also appeal the judgement for non notification and ask for a new hearing.

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