My friend passed away 3/22/17 & left me executor of her estate. The day I was to sign the probate court papers her son's wife came in his son's place. They wanted to probate the will as a muniment of title & that was done in probate court & approved by judge. Everything was left to her grandson. Her son was left out on purpose. The grandson dose'nt wanr her truck or her mobile home & gave me a notarized letter saying he doesn't want either one & I could dispose of as I see fit. I have no problem with vehicle because my friend signed the title before she passed away. I don't think the mobile home was ever titled after she bought it in 1994. I only have the MANUFACTURER'S STATEMENT OF CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN TO A MANUFACTURED HOME. NO ONE will moved mobile home off the rented lot w/o a title. What can I do about this BIG MESS ?