I filed a motion pro se, to modify child support based on a few issues.One is his attorney did the child support guidelines sheet and added to my income and subtracted from his on the same line. 2) he didn't include bartering I recently found out about and can prove 3) I was never provided with his taxes just amounts , I now see he deducts what was our personal investment as a business expense of 15.000 a yr. the bartering he did is in excess of 70.000 none is included. He owns a landscaping company and tree nursery and last reason is he was given joint custody having the kids tuesdays Thursday and picking up and dropping off at school on every other fri and Monday. He has not once since August 1 taken any of his tuesdays or thursdays and has never picked up or dropped off at their schools. instead he won't even see them unless I drive the hour to drop them off to him and I pick them up. I also have him in contempt of the court order for non payment of the added child support issues like sports stuff extra activities etc.. .

His lawyer filed a motion to dismiss saying too much info in one motion, and that his client denies the visitation accusations. etc. the kids are 15 and 10 and am hoping they are spoken to ,to validate everything in the complaint. Here's my question.
Do judges really dismiss cases based on a pro se litigants added too much info in one motion.. or that I didn't separate into paragraphs. I mean I did all the filing and serving correctly do they really just dismiss because the lawyer says it is to complicated to read