I recently found out that the mother of my daughter (we were never married) has been hyphenating my daughter's last name to include her new husband's. Even though we were never married, my daughter was giving my last name. I see her several times a week, talk to her several times a week, I have always paid child support to her mother (this is an agreed upon amount set by daughters mother and myself, we do not go through the courts for child support, custody and/or visitation), I provide all medical coverages and expenses, I pay for all of her school clothes, etc. I am very proud of my little girl and love her very much. It really feels like a slap in the face when I seen this hyphenation. It is hard enough to stomach the fact that there is another man raising my daughter. Lucky enough, he is a good stepfather. Does her mother have the right to hyphenate my daughter's last name if I never gave consent. We live in Ohio. My daughter is 8. Does my daughter have the right to decide how she prefers to legally sign her name? Is there a way I can put a stop to her hyphenation it? My daughter's mother says that my daughter wanted to have a last name like her sister's (half sister between mother and stepfather). I will be extremely grateful for any insight or guidance on this subject.:confused: