I am looking for a way out but not sure how My husband and I have been together 6yrs almost 5yrs married my husband cares more about video gamess then his kids he was sleeping all day work then come home play on the ps3 until he went to bed Help he would rather spend his money on alcohol and ciggarettes and video games then his kids I have been a stay at home mom for 3yrs my husband keeps losing his jobs and thinks its OK to sit around on unemployment. He just lost his job again a month and a half ago and can't collect unemployment so he is just playing video games and expecting my family and his to support us by paying our rent and for diapers etc. Please help we will be getting our tax return in a few weeks I want to take half and get out of here with my kids. If anyone has any suggestions on programs or places can go to help me pleases let me know thank you .