I am engadged to marry someone I have know and loved for 7 years now. He is a very good man and I trust he has always tried to live his life as christian as possible. He is not perfect obviously because a few years ago before we had gotten back together his ex came asking him for a favor and slept at his house. She was definitely the pursuer and they had one sexual encounter which she told him she was on BC and then after sex said she didn't say that. Exactly one month later she was pregnant. He has tried to do the right thing by her since then and stuck by her throughout the pregnancy. He is up to date with Child Support payments. He has never been married and really wants to marry me but, I am hesitant about financial obligations on my part. I want to by home and someday have children. If I own a home in only my name will she be entitled to part of it if we get married? I believe this child should have all she needs but I do not want to work hard myself to make my future children suffer to pay for another child that may not even be his biologically. We tried to get the paternity test and the court refused because he was naïve enough to sign the parentage form. This woman is very educated, over 35, working in the medical field, and I do believe she planned this pregnancy. In addition she sends him nasty text messages like.. "I am a single parent thanks to you!" Like as if she had no responsibility in the situation. Although, I believe no one was a victim and I don't want this child to suffer but I am afraid this woman could be very devious and try to take more than she really should (especially with me in the picture). My question is.. (what do I need to know to protect myself?)