My 24 year old son, his wife & 1 1/2 year old baby have lived with me since Nov. of 2006, they were evicted from their apartment due to none payment of rent and had no where else to go so I (single mother who raised him) took them in. Since that period they have developed severe alcohol abuse problems and do not hold down jobs. They do not pay rent or any $ to me. In December they separated and my daughter in law & grandson went to stay with her parents, last week they got back together and again are staying with me. Her parents & I are financially taking care of the baby & 2 grown adults (24 & 23). They drink all day, make a mess of the house, no one helps me clean! And then they'll sleep it off, enough about that! I'm trying to find out if I have to legally evict them or if I can just order them to leave & to what measures I take to make it happen. I've told them they have 7 days to move out, but he doesn't take me seriously, knowing that I don't want him on the streets.