My boyfriend of almost a year and his ex-wife have been divorced for almost 3 years. They initially agreed on shared parenting but now she is doing everything she can to get full custody of the kids, including constant harassment of my boyfriend.

Here is the background information: they got divorced because she was cheating on him and left him for the other man. Her new man has 3 kids from his previous marriage who live with him half the time. She and my boyfriend had 2 kids together. Then the ex-wife and her new boyfriend also had a baby together. She lives in a small 2-bedroom house so 5 kids have to share the one bedroom. Only the oldest kids (her new boyfriend's kids) get the beds. My boyfriend's kids have to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags. Last year, the ex-wife and her boyfriend shocked the kids with a dog collar and my boyfriend pressed criminal charges against them but they only got fines and 6 months' probation.

Now she is trying to get revenge against my boyfriend. She's moving about 45 minutes away so she wants to get full custody of the kids. She's already taken him to court several times trying to get child support (which she finally got $100 a month) and demanding that she should be allowed more than 2 phone calls a week from the kids (when she already has them 5 days one week and 2 days the next). Yesterday she called Child Protective Services on him, saying that he is mentally abusing the kids and not keeping them clean (which is ridiculous; he gives them baths every other night). She also sends him several texts or e-mails throughout the week, complaining about petty things like where her daughter's Batman shirt went or that her daughter came home sick from our house and it's our fault or that she does not approve of us taking the children to a Christian church. She tells the kids that she doesn't like me even though she has never even met me. She puts mouse traps all over her kitchen table to keep the dog down and when the kids came home from her house last time, the kids had gotten snapped with a mouse trap because they accidentally bumped into the table.

We just don't know what to do anymore! We are good parents who don't want this drama in our children's lives because it is really starting to affect them. I just want her to leave us alone!! Help!