My ex and I were never married but we had a son together. Our son is now 16 months old. He has always been iny custody, his father and I have not been together since he was conceived. His father visits him at my home and pays a little money each month to help out. His father would like to have custody of him at his own home but this makes me very uncomfortable for a couple reasons. My biggest problem is that he grows a LARGE amount of pot at his home (legally in California) and it makes me very uneasy knowing that it's there and even if it's behind lock and key anything can happen. I also know it is not recognised by the federal government and if they ever decided to come down on local growers and I willingly sent my child over there and something happened that would be devastating. My second problem is that he is still very young and his father has not had him over night, or cared for him for longer then a couple hours, he really has been the equivalent of a baby sitter and that was his own choice. There is much much more to our complicated situation but I would be here all day! My biggest question is if I was to go to court a get it in writing that I have full physical custody will any of those things even matter?