On April 30, 2007 we closed on our new house in Monmouth County, NJ. The mortgage is just in my name. The deed for the house has my name, my wife's name and my Dad; who has a life estate in our house. On May 15th, my sister moved in. She stated that she just needs a couple of weeks to find a place to live. As of today; she is still living in our house and refuses to leave. She has 2 kids; in which she lost custudy of due that she is addicted to pain killers. (The Dad has the kids) We have taken her to the hospital twice because she has overdosed on pain killer prescriptions. She is causing HAVOC in our house. We have to sleep in our bedroom with the door and windows locked. About 2 weeks ago; about 6AM she climbed into our bedroom window; while we were sleeping and was looking through my wife's pocketbook; looking for money and pills. My sister has paid me nothing for the care of the house; she worked for about 3 weeks at close to minimum wage; but lost her job due to her drug problem.
She has not lifted a finger for the care of the house.

We have contacted the local Police Department, but was told they can't make her leave. They told us to contact Freehold (Landlord/Tennent). We did; we had a scheduled court date. We were the 130th+ case that day; they told us that if we can settle without waiting for the judge; we can file the paper work there. We filed the paperwork stating that she has to leave in 2 weeks and 3 days. August 27th was the date she was suppose to move out. She refused to leave again and I went down to Freehold to get her evicted. They told me that since she lives in just a bedroom above the garage and pays no rent that they can't evict her. She is not a real tenant.

PLEASE help me get her out of our house. Her name is not on any of the paperwork for the house. All three of us want her to leave!

What do I need to do to get her out of our house?? I don't want any money from her; I just want her out!

Thank Your for your time and help!