What is required to obtain custody of my grandchild? I have kept my grandchild 3 days a week in my home since their birth (he is 2 years old now). In addition to this I keep him anytime that his mother deems she has something else to do, is too drunk, or just plain stressed out. I have provided for his clothes, shoes, all basic needs since his birth. She lives in her familys home that is less occupied by 13 additional family members. I pay for his preschool and the transportation to and from because his mother has a difficult time getting up and staying up in the morning and I was afraid that as he got older he would end up getting hurt while not being watched. He comes up with unexplained bumps and bruises some require stitching. His school and myself are documenting all negative. Issues. I have not tried a legal avenue yet because I am afraid that without enough information, she will win and I will not be allowed to him which would be devastating for him. Any information you can assist with would be helpful.

Thank You