I move to Ga. About 5yrs ago. I have a NJ child support order. The other parent lives in Ca. I haven't received child support in over 6 months going on 7 months. My case worker here in Ga. Reached out to the state of Ca and was told CA will not enforce my case if the other parent is unemployed to no fault of his own; they have suspended his DL and will wait until he contacts them about the suspension. My case worker here in Ga mentions the child abandonment law but didn't tell me how to file. I would like to know if I can file and how do I go about filing. He's also in the arrears well over sixteen thousand dollars. What a dead beat! Our child is in college and our NJ order state that he has to support the child until the child is finish with school. How does this law work with the daddy being in another state? One last question, how can a person fight for another country and donít take care of business at home. So sad.