I am a single mother in Iowa of a 16 year old son. 5 years ago we went through all the correct channels to stop the child support order. CSRU is unpleasant to deal with and we decided to handle child support ourselves. Needless to say this has not worked out. He made payments for about 6 months then stopped. I sued him, we went through mediation and I dropped the suit but then he never signed our mediation agreement and has paid almost nothing since then. In 2008 I received $20 from him. How far back am I entitled to child support from him? I don't want to bleed him, but the full burden is too much for me, and in all fairness he should have been contributing this whole time. Someone told me I'm only entitled to go back 3 months, but he was still his dad for ALL these past 5 years, plus I kept trying to work with him during this time with his empty promises etc. I'm feeling resentful.