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    Sep 5, 2007, 05:19 AM
    How to evict a disrespectful 22 year old child
    My son is 22 and lives with me. I raised him as a single mother since his dad and I divorced and the dad moved out of the country - barely seeing him in 12 years.
    So, its been my full job.

    My son has emotional issues. He is easily depressed with bouts of anger and major issues of disrespect for me and my home.

    He does have a part time job and until recently attended college part time. He also did well.

    Now, he has decided he does not want to go to school. I told him that if that is the case, he will need to get a full time job and move out to be on his own. I can no longer handle his less than acceptable behavior and will not support him any longer, unless he is in school.

    I am 59 and tired. He makes me a nervous wreck because I never know what to expect.
    He has gone for therapy and has taken medication in the past. But, according to him, nothing helps. He knows he will be a failure and has no friends, which is true. He shuns people, has no interests besides video games and pot.

    I know there is a law that prohibits a parent from kicking out a child even if this child is an adult. However, I was told I could legally evict him. What would I have to do if things get to the point where I have to?
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    Sep 10, 2007, 02:43 PM
    The problem here is you. You've allowed your son to escape responsibility for himself for far too long. Being sheltered at home, he's had little reason to work towards building a career, find a life purpose, or start his own life. You've provided a much better deal than he'd get on welfare, which is why he's taking advantage of you.

    Your son is more than capable of taking care of himself.
    It's time for him to start taking care of himself and making his own way in the world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naunnie
    i know there is a law that prohibits a parent from kicking out a child even if this child is an adult.
    Did he try to sell you that line? In most locations, 18 is the age of legal adult status. Once a legal adult, you have no obligation to care for him. There may be medical exceptions, however your son is not in that category...

    He's an adult and he's not paying rent. You don't even have to give him notice, you simply tell him to leave. You can even have the police escort him out if necessary.

    If by some chance, he's ever paid rent or made some contribution to the household, you might have to give him 30 days notice. That's a stretch, but it's possible. But even then, after the 30 days he's a trespasser and he has to go.

    I understand you are disappointed he has not taken these first steps into life willingly. It's tough to "kick out" a child, but it is necessary for him to grow and develop as an adult.
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    Sep 10, 2007, 02:57 PM
    Actually I don't what "law" you're referring to that prevents you from kicking him out. It's really as simple as putting his things on the curb and changing the locks. Now, if you want to go by the book, you'll probably have to initiate formal eviction proceeding through the sheriff's office for your county, which typically requires 30 days, in which time he presumably finds a new place to live.
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    Dec 14, 2012, 11:13 AM
    Yeah, I have the same story with my son. I do know for sure , kicking him out for him to live on the street will also give me sleepless nights and eventually, severe depression. Have to find another solution.

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