I have an out of control 14 yr old. I have been told he is a danger to the rest of the family. He is "Bipolar" and "manic" at this time. He refuses to take his meds or go to any kind of counseling. He is angry all the time. Refuses to do nothing he is asked or expected to do. He has had numerous run ins with the law. I have personally called fearing for my safety. When I have asked if they can take my son in the sheriff always has an excuse. I tried to kill myself in Aug 14. Since then things have gotten 20 times worse. I have a Thyroid issue. Now also on Prozac. My son doe what he wants when he wants and that is it! If he does not get what he wants there is a fight that most likely will end up with the local sheriff coming. I have been trying to get help with this child for aprox. 6 years. My Therapist and his psychiatrist say I need to have him removed for everyone's safety. What do I do? I have asked pretty much everyone I thought would know how to do it. All I have learned so far is that is almost impossible to do! Is there a way I can get him help without having to legally terminate my parental rights? Seems there should be some kind of help out there for these types of situations. How does a parent just give away their child? I understand it is for his good but, still! Do I have to have a Children's Protective services Worker to do this? Please answer as thouroughly and quickly as possible as this is way out of control. Thank you