I want to file for sole/full custody of my son, as I learned in court today that me and his father actually have joint custody. He does not pay child support (although it was court ordered) nor does he exercise his right to be involved or see our son. Today we had to go go to court because his mother filed a petition for visitation but of course, the petition was withdrawn because I never denied visitation in the first place. The judge said that it was up to the father to decide on visitation with our son. I explained to the judge that there was no communication, monetary support or visitation on the fathers behalf and she simply stated that he had to start stepping up as a parent and we all had to come to our own mutual agreement as the courts could not help in this matter. As we left he court room, the father stated that he had nothing to say and that we had to figure it out ourselves, despite what the judge had just told him 2 minutes before. I do not want him to try to take our son anywhere one day based off his mothers persuading against my will or knowledge as Im afraid he may do, so I want full custody. There have also been two dangerous situations where our son could have been seriously injured or dead due to his fathers negligence, one resulting in a cps case on him that was closed about a month after it was opened.