Im 17 years old and I have two sibling (10 and 15) My grandmother made a call to the local police about a report of my mother abusing my siblings which wasn't true at all. The kids ended up getting taken and sent to a children's holding place called polinsky center. Also my little brother has a hard time eating and so he thought on his own maybe he should try smoking marijuana and it actually helped and he had only smoked it about three times and my mom allowed it and we had got him his own medical card after they had taken the kids away . They had not been in school for about a year and there was reports of my mom being mentally ill and having to go to the hospital and held in the psych ward, so pretty much they say she's an abusive mother who's crazy and neglects her children. I need help with this, I hate having to see my mom be torn apart like this, her children are her whole life and would not ever want to put them in danger or hurt us, its hurting my heart more and more each day. What can I do if anything and what does my mom need to prove to the court to get her kids back?