When my daughter was 2 months old her femur was broken. When she was born all the way until she was 2 months old she had used her leg differently than the rest of her limbs. I had asked her dr every time we went in for a check up I had asked him about her leg. He had always responded "well she is just a baby and shes getting to know how to use all of her body parts" I had even asked my mom about it and she had responded the same thing, she also responded you're a first time mom so of course your going to over look things, she is fine. The night I found out something was wrong I had asked my mom to babysit for us that night. But I had told her I wanted to take my daughter to the dr first, I told her I was just going to take her in and get it checked out. I wish I would have! I went to the pizza place down the street and to the pool hall, also down the street. I wasn't even gone for 40 minutes when my ex had called me and said " Her leg is swollen, I think you should take her in." So I took her to the dr and her leg was swollen when we took her diaper off. The dr had said its probably just a hip infection because there was no redness on her skin or any bruising. Than they took an x-ray and found out her femur was fractured. At that time I had no idea what to think. Well to shorten this up a bit, I moved into my moms and step dads right after with my daughter. I had moved out of my moms when I had just turned 17 yrs old. I didn't get along with my step dad very well. His idea of discipline was a smack on the head or across the face if you did anything wrong, even spill his drink, it would a quick smack, I couldn't live that way. So I left. Well when I moved back all I heard was I was a bad mother and I already had to see my daughter in a full body cast everyday. I cried myself to sleep every night. I started falling into a deep depression. I wasn't able to speak to any of my friends or anybody. I wasn't able to leave the house. I asked DFS if we could leave and go stay at a foster home and my case worker always said well give it a little bit and it will get better. It didn't! I ended up leaving and I couldn't take my daughter with. So I got visitation rights. I had a public defender and she told me it looked like they were going to taker her away from me so I should sign my rights away so later on down the road when I was stable enough to have her. Well my mom adopted her and I have been in and out of her life since. She is now 6 and I have been in her life solidly for almost 2 years now. I get her on weekends because those are my days off. Now my mom is pulling away and not letting me see her. I am very responsible with my life. I have a job, a roof over my head , and a vehicle. I live my life the right way and strive to do right every day. I have asked her for her back and she refuses. Please help me and give me an open door on how I can try to get her back. I don't have enough for a lawyer and legal aid said Im on my own. So please give me some advice. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her at least half of the day. My mom is having a hard enough time taking care of her and my sisters as it is. Please anything helps. Thank you!