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    How do I get custody of my grandson?

    Asked Jul 19, 2012, 10:54 AM
    He is 4 years old and his mother is not attentive. She pawns him off on who ever can take him when ever she feels the need to not have him. He on multiple occasions has come to my house with bumps, bruises, and in very unhealthy conditions. His mother is a smoker and has drugs both legal and illegal in front of her kids to the point that her 3 year old daughter got play-doh for her birthday and made a bong. And felt proud of herself. He is constantly getting called stupid and put down. And is lucky to receive a meal a day. I have tried calling CPS but they always call before going and by the time they get there she has already gotten things so that they will leave her alone. My grandson is always coming over telling me about the profanity and things that his mothers boyfriend does and says to both her and the kids. I am at a loss on what to do honestly I would really love to just get him into my custody. Ive paid for everything since he was born and I'm the one she calls whenever she needs something for him he should be in preschool but he is not at at my house enough to put him in it and she refuses. I am from Indiana, marion county.


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