I have three beautiful grandchildren that don't deserve the life my daughter and her husband have given them. I understand that there are many children in our country in the same situation. My daughter had her first child at the age of 17 and when my granddaughter was born there were opiate's and barbiturate's in her system, CPS stepped in and were going to allow the three of them to move with me (mom aka grandma) but the parents did not want to move to Texas where I live(they lived in Northern California) therefore CPS made them take parenting classes etc. My daughter and the father got married shortly thereafter. During this time both of the parents were continuously smoking marijuana with the baby in the same room, my oldest daughter was always babysitting because my daughter couldn't handle the crying. My daughter came to Texas to visit me and then decided that she wanted to live in Texas, she spoke with her husband and he refused to move here. Needless to say my daughter left back to California and left my granddaughter with me for almost two months while she partied and attempted to convince her husband to move to Texas. Well as they lived in Texas they started using cocaine as well as marijuana and the father attempted suicide twice because all they ever did was fight! I get a phone call one day asking if I would go and get their stuff from their apartment because they had left the state and were moving to Oregon. There is so much that happened in between everything else. My daughter became pregnant again and had another beautiful baby girl. They are living on my daughters SSI and welfare, they are constantly borrowing money and food and using anyone and everyone they come across. By this time they have moved many times. The children always had a rash and were dirty and the house was filthy! She became pregnant again and had a baby boy. They moved to Texas claiming they wanted a fresh start and what actually happened they had burned all of their bridges with everyone in California! They rented a little house for 300 a month and instead of paying their electricity they were buying drugs and the children were still filthy as well as the home. The electricity was turned off. My oldest granddaughter started kindergarten at that point and she was in that school for 1 week, they moved out to the families trailer which we told them they had to pay 100 a month and they could only stay out there for about 3 months max because it belonged to the family as a weekend getaway! Now note this is my granddaughters second school! They couldn't do that. Next thing my daughter is having an affair on her husband she kicks him and the children out to live with us and then both of the parents sign over temporary custody of all three of the children to us while they get to play and make a special appearance on the Steve Wilkos show! They decided to get back together, they conned a landlord into letting them rent an apartment then CPS became involved and they failed a drug test, they were given 30 days to get clean and they day before CPS was to take them for another drug test they up and moved to Shreveport Louisiana where they knew no one and were homeless. We visited the home they finally rented and OMG it was horrible and again the kids were filthy and again this was the third school for my granddaughter. My daughter had gotten a truancy letter from the school so she decided to remove my granddaughter and tell the school she was moving to California! (not true) CPS became involved again and they were to take another drug test and they up and left the day before and showed up at our home in Texas. They stayed with us for about 6 weeks and the only thing they seem to feed the children is microwavable food on their time and when they aren't fighting! The baby always had a rash and they also sold their food stamps and the children were looked like trashy kids unless I ( grandma ) took care of them! CPS became involved again and placed the children in our custody the parents failed another drug test and were to complete classes etc... 2 weeks later CPS made us give the children back to the parents even though the parents were homeless and had signed into a homeless shelter all because they didn't want to do the paperwork! They all went back to California and then my daughter left her husband and had another affair and stayed drunk and high all of the time! I have many witnesses as to the condition of the children and the home! My daughter and the children left and came back to Texas, now note this will be school # 6 in Texas and my daughter has now gone through 4 other men and we have been caring for the children while she gets drunk sells her food stamps and refuses to get up in the morning and take care of her children! She has now decided to get back with her husband and now she and the kids are going to move back to California as soon as she gets her taxes which she filed with someone she just met so she can get money! We are the only stability that the children know and we are really scared for their well being! We have our Pastor,his wife the day care worker at church, teachers, friends and many other people that will testify to everything and more! Please we just want them to have a stable home and a chance at life! Please understand that my daughter and her husband have also committed burglary and theft as well and they get away with everything! I pray that someone can help us! These beautiful babies deserve a chance at life!