I am a single parent who visited my parents for the holidays, looked for work in there area but found no work, so I decided to move back to my home state, I was verry poor and went to my parents for help, what I got was verry intrusive abusive and controlling parents , there goal was to have me and my 3 boys live closer to them, and nothing or any concern for me the boys only parent to be able to work and care for them,with no child support from there bio mom life was hard, going back home was the best decision, since leaving I bought a plumbing company, I am a licensed plumber, I bought a new home, life has inproved just as I predicted, where the problem lies is in what my bio parents did when I was still in the state, they went to court got emergency custody knowing I was not available because I was busy looking for work,lied a million lies , got temp custody threw out the older son who lives with me in our new home, and have taken advantage of my inability to travel back 1800 miles away and hire an atty and get my boys back, they hang up when I call , they throw away toys I buy for my boys, is there help out there?