My sister relinquished her rights to her baby six months ago and the baby is with a prospective adoption family. She told us it was a stillborn and we just found out she lied via internet last week. We submitted documents to intervene the termination of parental rights of the unknown father where the judge heard our situation but were denied and told that we have zero rights as family members of the mother since she relinquished hers. We are devastated and very interested in getting that baby back to our family.

She listed unknown father-one night stand on the documents but the father has lived with her for 3 years and they have a two year old together. Worried about having to pay the hospital bills or child support, the father missed the hearing. He has apologized and wants help claiming the baby, getting it back, and possibly handing it over to the capable and willing aunts or grandparents to adopt. What are his chances of being able to get custody when he has never even met the baby? Can they actually adopt the baby without his consent? How can we do this legally? Thank you thank you thank you! Your help is very much appreciated.