My son is an alcoholic that has been through recovery. He is home only four weeks, drinking again, and has moved into my bedroom. I have twin beds; he took over one of the beds and refuses to get out. This is absolutely disgusting; I want him out of my house. He has no respect for me. I don't want him sleeping in my bedroom even if it's on the floor. He has taken money from me under false pretenses. He never lives up to the rules of the household. How do I have him removed from my home? I want him removed from my life, unless he shows some respect that I'm his mother, and this is my house, not his house, and obeys the rules of the house – which includes “no drinking”. He curses, spills food, falls over furniture, and drinks in my house. I'm constantly cleaning up after him. I am 66 he is 28 and I don't know what to do? Do I call the police and have him physically removed?