How do I file child abandonment in Utah? I have sole custody of my daughter. I had a nasty court battle 7 years ago with her father. He never wanted to see her he just wanted out of child support. We tried to file for him to sign over rights but the Juvenile court would not allow this due to relinquishment of her child support. His attorney drafted a 'memorandum agreement' stating that he will stay out of my daughters life if I do not seek child support. When I had my daughters name legally changed the judge informed me that the 'memorandum' was not legally binding and that no one but a court can take away child support. I just want his rights legally relinquished for sake of anything possibly happening to me (god bless me) but I couldn't bare the thought of custody being given back to him when he has been out of her life for 7 years and there was abuse from the step mother. Someone please help me figure out how to file thank you!