My wife and I currently have my son, girfriend and son living at our house. He is a recovering drug addict who still causes us trouble. He argues with us, me especially,and beats me up. Two weeks after open heart surgery, he threw me into a wall by pushing me in the chest. Just recently while I was recovering from my back being out, he beat me again. My wife won't throw him out right now because of the baby. Other than filing a restraining order, what can I do to remove them? They are not considered a tenant as there is no leases involved. Do I need to serve them any papers to remove them in say 30 days? Please help me. He is 25 years old an I am tired of them living off us. Also, as a grandparent, will I be entitled to seeing my grandson who I love very much. My wife and I love each other very much but they are causing us to argue a lot.
Thank You, Allkrome