I know a mother that has a back problem and subsequently got addicted
To prescription pain killers. On her own she and to the best of her
Knowledge having the support of her husband she went to rehabilitation
At Mountain Manor. A few weeks after returning home from treatment her
Husband left with the two children and went to his mothers home a few
Blocks away. He filed false allegation about the mother in order to
Obtain temporary custody. The fathers mother use to run a daycare out
Of her home and her license has been taken away due to abuse/neglect.
There are a few concerns that the mother has with this arrangement
Including the fact that the children now hit one another which never
Happened before going to the grandmothers to live.

The mother feels the children should not have been taken out of the
Home and custody should have never been a issue because throughout
This journey with the back problem/pain killers she has tried to do
Everything right. She identified the addiction and looked for help and
Support. Yet her husband was able to take the children from the only
Home the children have ever known and he was able to take her rights
As well as the children's rights away from her and the children to
Even see one another.

After fighting for nine months the mother has the right to see the
Children unsupervised for a few hours a week. She has an attorney but
Is still confused about why her husband had the right to take the
Children and continues to have the right to keep them away from her.
She voluntarily takes drug tests every week to keep proving that she
Is well and she can not understand how to get this problem under
Control. It seem to me that the attoney is not giving her any
Direction or hope as to what she should be doing. Can you give me any
Insight on what she should be doing or what she can do to fix this

I am deeply concerned about not being able to direct this mother to
The resourses that can help her to correct the injustice that is going
On with her and the children?