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    Apr 25, 2007, 10:31 PM
    Helping my young kids
    I have 4 kids, from different fathers,5.5yr old lives with her dad,3.5 girl and 2.5 boy,1.5 girl, I have custudy of these 3 kids.Recenly I was dianose with a brain tumor and some other stuff.I asked there dad to help me with the kids and he agreed to do so.Few months later he is trying to get custdy of the kids.1.5 yr old is not his he knows this his name is on the birth cirt.I found the natrul father and he did a dna test to be sure and he is.Me and him live together with her.The other 2 kids live at our home and there dads.There dad is a very bad alcoholic,been in and out of jail and prison for his anger,temper and the alcohl.I know some charges are sells of drugs,pros of drugs,asalt to a cop,animal crulity,domitc voil, etc, In 05 he was arested for dom violens,child abuse.Will they give the kids to him since I am sick and the Dr stats I can not be left alone with kids.Plus he wants the younges even she is not his.The real dad wants her.I do not know what to do very scared,
    Late 06 -07 I found out about tumor,lost job,truck home.Iv hite the bottem and Im lost.. were can I get help in reno.
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    Apr 25, 2007, 10:53 PM
    I am very sorry to learn of your condition and situation. I would suggest going to a social service organization for children and families to help you. A local church can also help and point you in the right direction

    I would suggest trying the following sites for finding someone to help you:

    Child Family Children Services - Reno, Sparks, Nevada, NV, Washoe, relocate, moving

    Ms. Kay Davies, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Reno, NV 89501
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    Apr 26, 2007, 11:45 AM
    You might also try to find out what kind of free legal resources are out there for you - you probably qualify for legal aid, if they will take your case. About the youngest - if she's not his kid, he has no legal right to her whatsoever, but the biological ("real") father does.

    What is your prognosis?

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