I am going through something similar, except my ex won't let us leave the state. I have lost my job, house is in foreclosure and olny family I have is out of state. The law they set in place, must have been created by a man because it's just another way for a man to have control and abuse you and your children legally. My ex laughs at the fact I am having a hard time paying the bills and raising his children, meanwhile he makes 100k a year and I get 146.77 a week. He will not help with anything else. He makes me send clothes to his house for her visits so he doesn't have to send anything back, and if for some reason he does he will send her in a shirt and pants 3 times too small without a jacket on a cold day, just to be spiteful. Unfortunately for us, the judges run your familys in the state of Florida. Im afraid to see what the future of our children will look like, since were not even allowed to makes parental decisions and do what's best for our children. Her fathers girlfriend has also been explaining abortion and birth control pills to my 7 year old, he seems to think this is funny, and I can't do a thing about it.