I have full custody of my 3( minor)children. The court granted my ex "supervised visitation" 6 years ago, and he has not tried to see them. We moved to another state, where my ex husbands father lives, and my ex moved here 2 years ago. We still have not seen him. He pays NO child support, but is supposed to. He has no permanent residence, claims he is too "disabled to work", but I heard he gets paid "under the table". I left because of his drug and alcohol problems and violent behavior, and from what I gather, he has not changed.
When I die, I want my oldest daughter to have custody. She is executor of my estate,I have listed her as guardian, and put my name only as the parent of the children in my will. My oldest daughter lives in Sweden, she is 30, married, and stable. She alone has access to the S.S. Cards, school records, birth certificates, and pin numbers of my accounts.
Two of my children still have nightmares about their dad and do not want to EVER live with him.They saw him choking me while I held the youngest ( a baby at the time) They are 12, 11, and 7 years of age.
How do I MAKE CERTAIN they never end up with their dad?
Second question. If I am on my death bed, can I have her come and take them to Sweden?
Also, he does not have any money to fight this in court.