Hi there
It seems we search for so many sites to get help!
My nephew and his girlfriend are staying together. They have a 19mth old son.
This girlfriend has one child at age 13 that has been adopted years ago, her second child has been taken away from her by child welfare as huge court case went on for her child's feet burnt on top of a red hot stove. She blamed the carer and the child is still not given back to her and in foster care. We heard recently there is another child out there . My nephew wants to get out of the relationship as she is very abusive and mental abuse is happening. We are worried about the child now. ON what grounds can he have full custody? Isn't there enough evidence she can't look after kids?
The child screams till late hours while she performs rants and raves at my nephew. She is bi polar as well which this disease does not stand up in court to her behaviour. We are in process of getting a character reference from her social welfare dealing with her foster child.
She is now trying to get custody of her child which was removed. She bought an engagement ring just to fool the courts of a happy life she is living . She now wants my nephew to marry her so he can adopt the child in custody! He refuses and gets mental abuse daily in front of her screaming child. He wants out of the relationship. He is 28 yrs old and she is 30. Very minipulative . She also has a habit of weed smoking and while breastfeeding . If she demands he go buy it and he refuses all hell breaks loose. Now he has started recording her explosive curses on his cell phone for evidence in court.
Is there a route he should go as in see the child welfare first (as he doesn't want his son removed from him, just his girlfriend ) or see a family court with attourney to get custody .
The child has his surname and they not married.
Also what concerns me is the child welfare or social welfare have never contacted the family that surround them to ensure her other child is coming to a stable home. I feel sorry for the kids in society if the welfare are not doing this and getting fooled by couples assuming to be living healthy lifestyles .
Please help and give advice. Thank you