I am doing research for a friend of mine... he is not computer saavy, but I hate what he is going through, so I thought I would try and help him.

Here is his story.

His wife left Florida a couple of months ago and took their two small kids with her to KY. He sends the required child support to her, but she won't let him hardly talk with the kids.

He pays her phone bill and knows that she has been talking extensively with other guys, and has in the past had affairs.

This is not the first time she has left him, and this last time she took all the money in the house, forcing my friend to have to move back in with his parents because he couldn't pay his rent.

He has not been physically violent with her... the bottom line is that he fell out of love with her because they "had" to get married. She couldn't stand living there if he wasn't in love with her, but he said he was trying for the kids sake... she couldn't stand it and moves out and away all the time.

Now, to my question... he wants very badly to get his kids back, or at the very least make her move back to FL with them so he can see them. He doesn't have much money and is working desperately to get his own place again so he can have the kids.

What are his/her rights... does she a right to just take off with the kids to another state and live... does he as the father have any rights?

He has decided this last time when she left and found out she was cheating to file for a divorce, but he wants to know how he can get his children back.

When she is up in KY, she runs around with her boyfriend leaving the kids with her father who is an alcoholic, his live-in girlfriend has a 17 year old criminal son living with them... such a sad situation.

I am in fear of the boys safety and want desperately to help him in anyway I can.

Please tell me what information I need to help him get his boys back to FL.

Thank you so much!