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    Jul 6, 2007, 07:59 PM
    Father's rights
    My daughter gave birth to my beautiful grandson 9 months ago. Although she is only 19, she has a good job in a corporate structure and is really doing well. She is a wonderful mother. My question: The father has not been involved since she was two months into her pregnancy. He is aware of where we live but has not tried to contact her until now. We came home to find a note on our sidewalk advising that he is aware that he has a son and to please contact him. My daughter does not want to have him involved in her son's life as he lives in a rough neigbhorhood and lives with his brother and girlfriend who are heavily involved in drugs and are themselves neglectful parents to their young son.

    Since she did not list him on the birth certificate, what rights does he have if any? Is there a way to prevent him from having access to the baby due to the bad environment that he would be exposed to if he were allowed to be involved in his life?
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    Jul 6, 2007, 10:04 PM
    Wow.. I can totally see the alarm for the mother and yourself. I really recommend an "Attorney Referral Program" in your area. Most cities and Counties have such funding. Where I live, the County provides an Attorney Referral Program -cheap. You can look up in the phone book or call Information (411) for assistance.

    The program is basic but gets you in the direction you want. They screen you on the phone first in order to get the best possible Attorney for your needs. Once they get the pertinent information, they give it to the best suited Attorney FOR YOU. They call you up and tell you (depending on the area you live) who, what, where, when, why and how to meet your assigned Attorney.

    The appointment is approx. 30 minutes. But its best to jot all the questions you have, your concerns, etc, first.. so when you go for the appointment, you use all of your time-based on your needs.

    The fee, for me was $30.00, but varies I'm sure depending in the area you live. But it is usually towards the advantage of the seeker-client.

    If anything, it relieves the anxiety that one has in these situations. I highly recommend doing that first.

    Because you can ask and ask, and get no where. Legal answers, which you need for this situation, is best sought through Counsel. Best of Luck
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    Jul 7, 2007, 05:18 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by TTLT03
    Since she did not list him on the birth certificate, what rights does he have if any?
    He has the same rights as ANY father. The birth certificate is just a piece of paper. As long as he can prove paternity (via DNA test) then he has full parental rights.

    Quote Originally Posted by TTLT03
    Is there a way to prevent him from having access to the baby due to the bad environment that he would be exposed to if he were allowed to be involved in his life?
    Based on what you have said, I would said no. You may be able to limit his access to supervised visits or visits at your daughter's home or a neutral location.

    You need to consult an attorney!

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