Is this legal? Can he do this? Will the courts allow it since the child support was court ordered? His wife and him are trying to bully me into hiring a lawyer and having the paper work drawn up for this. They both were convicted of child abuse against my son and she has a no contact order against her concerning my son. His father can only have supervised visits with him. He hasn't paid child support in over a year and now they are garnishing his check and the nasty phone calls and text messaging have begun. He hasn't come to see him in over a year, but my son still loves him. I don't want to be the one who does this to him.. I have had his father tell him that he wants it done, but all he said was he couldn't deal with it anymore and that he needed to make me get the lawyer and get the paperwork filled out.then when our 16 year old son said no, he started yelling at his son telling him that he doesn't exist for him anymore. My son said he doesn't want me to do this, but I'm worried that he will get the court to do this. If he does file it with a court, do they have to notify me of the petition? Can I fight it? I just don't understand all this... Thanks... :(