I have been estranged from my family for nearly 2 years now after a fight to get my eldest daughter back into my life which is a long story short I was a minor and left her with them in hopes of taking her back once I had a stable situation. She is the product of unwanted attention from my older brother which was allowed to continue for years by grandmother. She does not know this at this time.

My estranged brother barged into my home days after I got my daughter from school and scared me (I was always frightened of him) blackmailed me and took my daughter. I got her back again days later and have tried to keep them out of my life. They called DCFS claiming I wanted to harm my children and I was hearing voices and I had a gun in the home. So of course I have an open case at this point. I didn't hear from them for about a year until a few days ago I found out he was asking my only friend if he had heard from me. I have been paranoid and couldn't even trust my friends for this reason. Against my better judgement I sent a message over Facebook to tell him to stop trying to find my family.

I received a message back claiming he has traced tens of thousands of dollars in grandmother's debt to me which is a load of garbage but this family knows how to get around paper trails. Also stating that I can't keep my daughter from them, that they miss her and I am depriving her of people who want her to thrive. He claimed he has hired a private investigator to find me and my family and that he has already looked into the school systems to find that my oldest was not in public school. I was homeschooling her for fear of them stalking her as well as the possibility of her being autistic.

She has a case with harbor regional center proving she was in a toxic environment with those people, she has improved so incredibly in the past year and a half, improved in speech and social skills and academics. She was 8 years old and wetting the bed every night, couldn't tie her shoes or button her pants or feed herself or get ready for school and didn't do any of her homework since grandmother did it for her. (Apparently due to her guilt on how she was conceived) she had begun to show signs of turrets and tics and had a slur to her words which has all cleared up. She is now enrolled in public school due to DCFS involvement and their desire for her to do so.

I need to know what, if anything, I can do to protect my family. His final claims are that he will come after me, press charges against me claiming grandmother doesn't want to but if I don't "respond in a mature manner" that he will do what she could not. Also that the PI and everything can go away, all depending on what I do. These absolutely feel like threats to me and I am diagnosed with anxiety via my therapist, grew up with depression living in that toxic household, and I am now looking for advice.

Since I am here, I would also love to know if there is anything legal I can do at this point about my brother (not the same one who is threatening me he is half brother, I am not fearful of the one who raped me, I simply hate him and won't let him near me or my daughter, now all of my children) I know it is past the 10 year mark and I don't think I can get Justice, but something to know he won't be able to harm any other innocence.