I just found out that I am the father of a 4 year old girl. The child has been living with her grandma (On the mothers side of course) for the last 3 years but when the grandma died about 6 months ago the child's aunt got the child. The mother rarely sees her and when she does its not more than a weekend and she is in the process of signing over her guardianship rights to her sister (the child's aunt). Now that I have found out I am the father I am trying to be in my child's life 24/7 but the aunt is making it very difficult for me. I am going to file an establishment of paternity in the next few days and I am really wanting to get custody of her (after she really gets to know me) I know that I can provide a better life for her than the aunt can. I am wondering how much of a chance I have of getting custody since it has been 4 years and the aunt really wants custody. And I know that the mother, once she finds out that I want custody is going to all of a sudden want to have custody too. Does the father have more rights than the aunt or is there a chance that the aunt could take custody?