My boyfriend found out he had a child last summer. The child was already six months old when he was told it was his. My boyfriend had a one night stand with this woman. He didn't and still doesn't even know her. One day she just saw him driving and called out to him, raising the child into the air and said it was his. Now she claims that DHS is going to take away her welfare benefits and gave all information she has on my boyfriend. They want to do DNA testing and collect child support. He doesn't want to have anything to do with this child. If he signs his rights over, will he still have to pay child support? It just doesn't seem fair that this women made the decision on her own to keep this child knowing that she may never see his father again, and is now trying to nail him with child support. She is on complete welfare and has no idea what it is like to work hard for your money. What are my boyfriends rights in all of this?:confused: