My father married a woman with 4 grown children and they were married for 29 years. She died in Jan of 2008 with no will. He passed away in October of 2008. He also left no will. There are 2 children of lineal descent from my dad, me and his son. Now these 'children' have taken us to court saying they have a right to 1/3 of their mothers 'personal estate' and the judge has agreed. The thing is we have given them all of their mothers possessions and they keep asking for more. There is another child, a daughter my dad raised from 18 months to 20 years old also, she hasn't asked for anything but it is my opinion she is more entitled than the ones who were adults when dad married. She is the sister of our heart. She was not adopted as her bio-father wouldn't allow it although he never supported her or left no part of his estate to her. My question is how much do we legally have to give to these children and does the non-adopted sister have any claim at all?