My niece and nephew have had it pretty ruff for their ages, they are 2 & 4 yrs old. In 2010, my brother and his estranged wife separated by choice. No legal paperwork. He had found out she was seeing other men. She moved out a left the children behind. My brother has been taking care of them since. My brother had a mental break down, the mother is now living in a 2 bedroom apartment with her sister. Now she is wanting to play mommy so that she can get benefits from welfare. Until this time 2 weeks ago she would only pop in for a couple of minutes and see the kids then leave for a few days. There was time that she would be gone for day, weeks and even a couple of months would go by. My brother has now moved to continue his recovery. Do I have any legal rights to my niece and nephew. They need a stable home. Instead of moving from one place to another and have their own rooms.