I am currently progressing through a divorce. My spouse receives SSDI and subsequestly so do my two minor children. My spouse is petitioning for child support, maintenance, any extra costs associated with the children including tuition fees, clothing, etc.

First, generally, how will the maintenance and child support be calculated? My spouse receives about $1500 a month about $1000 and $250 for each child. What costs above child support may I be required to incur? My spouse is also "Fully Disabled" however "works" at home doing the same job that was held before the disability. How does that factor into the equation?

Second, my spouse has filed in the state of Indiana and only for a Legal Separation. Legal Separation is not recognized in my state (Texas). Can I file for divorce in Texas or am I held to the Indiana court? And if not now, can I wait until the Legal Separation is granted in Indiana and then File for divorce in Texas.

I haven't gotten a straight answer from a handful of attorneys so far so I was hoping to find someone who has endured a similar situation. Thank you in advance!