A friend of mine was diagnosed with MS shortly after she was married and had a child. She is receiving disability income but works 3 days per week. She is able to drive herself to work and to take care of her daughter when her husband isn't home. Money isn't the issue here, but nonetheless, due to her condition, she still does require some assistance from him.

I've noticed that within the last few months, her husband has become more and more abusive toward her. At first, it was teasing her about how she walked but now he yells and calls her a cripple. He resents that she can't do all the things he wants to do and leaves her at home while he socializes with friends alone. When he is home,

Last night, they went out and they both had several glasses of beer. While walking toward the house, she slipped on the ice and fell to sidewalk. He told her that she was just a drunk and should get up. She agreed that she had too much to drink, but needed his help since her legs simply weren't cooperating. He ignored her, went into the house, closed the door, got yet another beer and sat in the window laughing at her while she struggled to get up. After 45 minutes, he finally came out of the house and physically dragged her inside. I'm not condoning the drinking, but leaving your spouse in below freezing weather for 45 minutes and laughing at her sure doesn't seem right!

Today, she says she's had enough and wants to hire an attorney and file for divorce. There will definitely be child custody issues as well since he has told her that because she was a cripple, he was going to get full custody. What a mess!

Is there a special branch of family law that deals with this type of situation or should she just hire a family law attorney from the phone book? Since she is disabled, isn't there some law that affords her protection from this type of abuse? She lives in Wisconsin.

Thank you to anyone who can offer advice.