I am currently delinquent on my child support for a variety of reasons. Currently, pay is being deducted from my check every two weeks, and being sent to the custodial parent. However, Child Support Enforcement has an open enforcement case, which currently has no payments, since no payment is being sent to her (the custodial parent is not providing info about the payments being made to her). My payroll company says that they must continue sending payments to my ex-wife (at an outdated address) until they receive a court order specifying that they send them somewhere else, or until the custodial parent updates her address with the payroll company, which she refuses to do. Currently, my payroll deductions are being mailed to an incorrect address and never cashed.

Now, because the custodial parent wants me to sign Termination of Parental Rights paperwork so that my daughter can be adopted by her new husband, she has threatened to swear out a warrant for me for criminal abandonment, since she has not received child support from me for over a year. Some of that time I was unemployed, but I returned to my old employer (the one sending my deductions directly to her) within the last three months. I was advised that, as she is not receiving her support payments (due to her not updating her address), she has a case for abandonment.

My question is: would it help my situation to make a payment of support directly to Child Support Enforcement? The full amount is impractical (the support deduction is half of my paycheck, and making the full payment in addition to having the initial payment lost in the aether would leave me with no money and starving to death); I, could, however, make a token payment to ensure that she is receiving some support. As child abandonment is a felony in Georgia, I'm eager to avoid it if possible.